Feedback discussion

For workers within the organisation

To conclude the programme, we generate a comprehensive report containing all the results of the programme. This is delivered via the individual's secure Psynergy account.
Individualised reports are provided within the Psynergy portal alongside guides
Subsequently, we conduct a personal one-on-one feedback discussion with the user. This gives us an opportunity to explain all the results and inform the user as to specific interventions they can access through us, in addition to sign posting toward further available services. Our signposting is highly specific to the individual.
A private discussion is facilitated, either online or in-person, to feedback results
There are a wide number of possible interventions that can help users depending on the user wishes and intentions.
The finalised report is made accessible through the user's secure online Psynergy account and is fully downloadable.

For management of the organisation

We provide a feedback session directly with management of the organisation, with the aim to use the programme insights to foster positive and actionable organisational change to improve productivity and functioning.
We provide actionable insights to organisation management
We also provide clear guidance relating to effective practices on mental health in the workplace and internal policies. We utilise evidence based national guidelines [1] and apply these directly within the organisation.
References [1] Health and Safety Executive, Management Standards.